New Healthcare Logistics Warehouse in Zagreb


Positioned in the heart of Southeastern Europe, Croatia plays an important role in PHOENIX group´s international healthcare logistics network “CEE Bridge”. On 21st May 2019, PHOENIX Croatia opened a new healthcare logistics warehouse in Jankomir near Zagreb to strengthen the company’s market position.

PHOENIX Croatia is one of the leading healthcare providers in Croatia with a strong footprint in wholesale. Within the healthcare system, the company ensures the supply of drugs and medical products to pharmacies, hospitals, health centres, and medical diagnostic laboratories. Ever since the company entered the market, it has been developing additional services for you, our industry partners, other healthcare stakeholders and pharmacies, trying to facilitate operational processes for business partners, and thus ensuring their market stability and market growth.

On 21st May 2019, the modern, low-energy consumption healthcare logistics warehouse Jankomir opened. At 1,600 square metres, PHOENIX Croatia offers warehousing and distribution services in accordance with the highest industry standards out of the state-of-the-art facility. The warehouse is equipped with a centrally controlled HVAC system and temperature monitoring system. 

Distribution Center Jankomir
• 1,220 pallet spaces in ambient, 50 in cold chain 
• Separate space for narcotics or high value 
• Fully GDP compliant operations in all temperature zones
• Highest quality and security standards 
• Excellent location near all major highways A1, A2 and A3 

• Warehousing according to temperature requirements, including special warehousing
• FMD verification, decommissioning, destruction 
• Order picking and packaging 
• Sample distribution services 
• Secondary packaging and relabelling 

More information:

Our new warehouse, part of our international healthcare logistics network, ensures we can serve all needs of you, our industry partners Jasmin Huljaj Managing Director PHOENIX Croatia
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