Solutions for your challenges: All-in-One

PHOENIX group´s European service brand for our industry partners

As a leading service provider to the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, we ensure that prescription and over-the-counter medicines always get to the point of sales at the right time across 27 European markets. We are thus making an important daily contribution to comprehensive and safe healthcare in Europe.

We deliver health. Each and every day. Across Europe.

Our solution-minded value-adding services help you to grow and to archive results and your goals.

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You might know PHOENIX group, but you might not know our huge portfolio to help you run your clinical trials, organise your international healthcare logistics supply-chain, grow your sales and get valuable business insight. Our new 2-minute-animation video sums up what PHOENIX All-in-One is all about.

PHOENIX All-in-One

PHOENIX All-in-One

The demands placed on the pharmaceutical industry by Europe’s healthcare systems have increased dramatically. Comprehensive solutions are required while prices remain under pressure. PHOENIX has responded to this by developing a full-service-package: PHOENIX All-in-One. Our value-adding services create growth, increase revenue, reduce costs, and optimise processes – this joint approach ensures success for both parties.

All-in-One Magazine 04/2019

To inform our industry partners about our ongoing local and central initiatives and projects, we publish our All-in-One Magazine on a quarterly basis. The last issue 2019 is now available in print and digital format.

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