Solutions for your challenges: All-in-One

Leading Healthcare Service Provider with unique reach to pharmacies

One-stop Shop Solution - Ease of Doing Business

Manufacturers focus on drug development, PHOENIX takes care of the rest

One-face to the customer/European KAM approach

Less contractual hassle

Unrivalled European footprint in pharmaceutical distribution and retail operations

The biggest pharmaceutical distribution network in Europe by virtue of our healthcare logistics, wholesale and retail

All activities executed on country level, supported and coordinated by HQ and regional centres

Specialised local market knowledge & Centre of Excellence

Local PHOENIX experts support manufacturers in navigating through the complexity of pan-EU distribution and commercialisation of pharmaceuticals

Centre of Excellence approach to leverage on the exceptional know-how of the specialty business of some of our subsidiaries

Flexibility & Scalability

Tailor-made solution to best match your requirements

Possibility to expand our service portfolio to accommodate your special needs

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You might know PHOENIX group, but you might not know our huge portfolio to organise your international healthcare logistics supply-chain, grow your sales and get valuable business insight. Our new 2-minute-animation video sums up what PHOENIX All-in-One is all about.

PHOENIX All-in-One

PHOENIX All-in-One

The demands placed on the pharmaceutical industry by Europe’s healthcare systems have increased dramatically. Comprehensive solutions are required while prices remain under pressure. PHOENIX has responded to this by developing a full-service-package: PHOENIX All-in-One. Our value-adding services create growth, increase revenue, reduce costs, and optimise processes – this joint approach ensures success for both parties.



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