We want to shape the future together and be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are.

We are the PHOENIX group. European's largest integrated healthcare provider. With business dedicated to healthcare and healthcare related products. Used by every pharmaceutical manufacturer. With healthcare logistics, representation and promotional services, commercial partnerships, wholesale, retail and other related segments. Unlike others a complete and real in-house E2E visibility. Supported with extensive business intelligence solutions to provide the required transparency. We know how to deal with and what is required for generics, branded, biologicals\-similars, speciality, animal health, over-the-counter and medical devices.

We create the early adopters within our centre of excellences. With focus to performance, compliance, quality and sustainability in a cost-competitive landscape. Innovative solutions to increase accessibility to and for all patients and consumers. Through and for hospitals, pharmacies, self-dispensing doctors and physicians. With a unique position of regional and local market knowledge with affiliates and operations in 27 European markets. We consult regionally with one face towards our industry customer: true ease of doing business. Everyday a bit better, coping with every days (new) challenges.

We want to shape the future together - wherever we are

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