Annual manufacturer day of market-leading Norwegian PHOENIX group company, Apotek1


Apotek1, a PHOENIX company, is a strong player in Norway, not just in retail (as the name suggests), but also in wholesale. Apotek1 is Norway's largest pharmacy chain with a market share of approximately 48 percent. With over 360 pharmacies in the country and two wholesale warehouses, Apotek1 is a well-positioned company which continues to grow and offers value-adding services and expert knowledge to their industry partners.

On 26th April 2018, key partners came together in Oslo for the annual “Rx supplier day” where Apotek1 invited their partners to learn more about the company’s services. This year, Apotek1 focused on working together for better compliance for Norwegian patients and talked about pharmacy services, such as the subscription deal, medicine start which was launched earlier this month, and inhalation guidance. Furthermore, Apotek1 gave their partners an insight on their different communication platforms and how they communicate with their customers.

Check out the short video (with English subtitles) on our vimeo channel:

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