Patient Services
Patient Services

Our Service Offerings:

PHOENIX patient services offers a wide range of  projects levels - from basic support up to advanced Services.

Marketing Services

  • Raise awareness, like leaflets, magazine, promotion, TV-marketing

  • Commercial activities and make use of our loyalty programmes

Healthcare Education

  • Training on disease and treatment

  • Educational activities on how use the medicines

Prescription Management

  • Alerting system in POS, like reminder on consultation or cross-selling advise

  • Loyalty programmes (>700.000 card holders, excl. own pharmacies)

  • Reminder services  - planning tool – repeat prescription service

Medication Management and Adherence Services

  • Consultation – advising patients – instruction materials like “you tube” video

  • Empower patients in how to administer their medicine properly

  • Medical devices to facilitate administration of their medicine

    From a wide range of services we can offer tailor-made solutions based on your medication, targets and market circumstances.

Your contact Dr. Alexander Maier Head of Service Development +49 8505-8117 a.maier(at)