Tamro LINK Hospital service

Tamro promotes the digitalisation of the healthcare sector:

Tamro provides hospitals and pharmaceutical companies with an innovative Tamro LINK Hospital service for administering value-based pricing models for hospital medicines. A need for the service emerged when hospitals were short of tools for monitoring and administering an increasing number of agreements that are based on medicine and patient-specific effectiveness. The digital service is now available to all hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

“This entirely new and digitalised operating model was jointly developed and is a good example of how we speed up the development of the healthcare sector with our customers, both in terms of operational efficiency and savings to society. As an integrator for the sector, Tamro found it natural to take up the challenge for streamlining the work of professionals in the pharmaceuticals industry,” says Kai Kaasalainen, Managing Director of Tamro Corporation.

The service was jointly constructed as an outcome of close development collaboration between hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and Tamro. The IT solution was implemented with software company Starcut as a Partner.

Value and outcome-based pricing models for pharmaceuticals provide hospitals with increasingly more opportunities to choose the best medicinal treatment for the patient in a cost-effective way. With the help of the pricing models, the hospital will only pay a part of the patient’s medicines, or according to the health benefit received from the treatment on a patient-by-patient basis. Value-based pricing models for pharmaceuticals are already widely used globally.

“I expect that Tamro’s service will facilitate the practical implementation of pricing models so that no model or treatment will remain unutilised because of the additional work it involves,” says Elina Ahomäki, Senior pharmacist-in-charge, HUS Hospital District Pharmacy.

The service will reduce the amount of work at hospital pharmacies and wards related to medicines with value-based pricing. The Tamro LINK Hospital service will collect all information related to agreements so that medical staff can easily enter the information about the medication dose administered to the patient and the treatment period on a centralised basis into a single location. The reporting section of the application makes it easy for the hospital pharmacy to monitor and administer the Agreements.

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