Healthcare Logistics
Healthcare Logistics

PHOENIX group is ready for the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

On 9th February 2019, the Delegated Regulation of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) goes into effect and all supply chain partners in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland will need to ensure readiness to perform end-to-end verification of medicinal products.

We from PHOENIX group are keen to offer the best of services and care to our customers – wherever we are. This means that we are also fully committed to ensure the safety of the medicines that reach patients. For this reason, we have been working diligently and pro-actively on the implementation of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive across all of our business areas to be fully compliant to the legislation in all our markets.

Central PHOENIX FMD Cloud

A dedicated team around Magda Grozavu Savin, Head of Serialization Implementation at PHOENIX group, developed a central FMD solution which will cater the needs of the industry partners working with our Healthcare Logistics business partners across Europe.

The cornerstone of our solution is the PHOENIX FMD Cloud, which offers a flexible, reliable and cost-
effective means to support our partners in their quest for full compliance with regard to the verification and decommissioning activities associated with FMD-impacted processes. The PHOENIX FMD Cloud acts as the interface between the PHOENIX systems and the different National Medicine Verification Systems (NMVSs), and as a connection to the cloud systems of our partners. This allows PHOENIX to route the serialised information either to the NMVSs or to the cloud of our partners, depending on the latter’s preferred option.

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