Benefits & Best Practice
Benefits & Best Practice

PHOENIX Clinical Trial Supply Services:

A highly specialised provider of solutions within clinical trial supply.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have the expertise, the best services and the flexibility to help you achieve the optimal clinical trial supply and add knowledge and success to your clinical Trials.

As a full-line wholesaler, we collaborate with most pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver medicine to the patients and develop new logistics concepts, therefore, we have direct access to all necessary supplements and are the ideal partner to also take care of your comparator sourcing.

Today we are working with clinical trials ranging from small biotech to large pharma sponsored trials and investigator initiated studies.

We create optimal individualised solutions by adjusting and combining our services according to the specific needs of our clients. Our highly flexible solutions range from clinical trial supply planning and optimisation, production of labels, GMP packaging, global distribution and return, and destruction. The aim is to ensure the most effective logistics setup and optimal clinical trial supply management for local and global clinical trials.

  • Benefit from our high quality solutions with secure, validated, controlled and audit proven processes

  • Our deep local knowledge and global coverage will add success to your clinical trial

  • Being specialist in Clinical Trial Logistics, we are your reliable partner with our expertise in cold chain, narcotics and special products