Benefits & Best Practice
Benefits & Best Practice

PHOENIX Business Intelligence:

Providing insights to make better business decisions.

PHOENIX Business Intelligence provides manufacturers with real-time real-world data helping to address key business issues like:

  • Optimisation of product portfolio, positioning and market access

  • Supply chain management ensuring product availability

  • Optimisation of promotional resources

  • Monitoring of product performance in real-time

150,000,000 patient contacts per year

PHOENIX is present in 27 European countries including its 164 distribution centres, 2.500 own pharmacies and 12.000 pharmacy cooperation partners. For the largest markets a harmonized dataset is loaded into one database with daily synchronization, and more and more countries are rolling onto it. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from this real world and real time database in many ways.

Insight generation

PHOENIX does not leave its client alone trying to make sense out of loads of data. The Business Intelligence team of experienced data analysts can provide standard reports designed to provide insights on key business questions but is also prepared to work with a client team on specific issues in a more collaborative working style.

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