Increase your revenue through All-in-One

Ready-to-use and tailor-made sales and marketing support in more than 16,000 pharmacies in 27 countries across Europe

Insights on pharmacists, doctors and patients behaviour creating improved patient adherence and better decision making

Decreased costs through expert warehousing and healthcare logistics

Customised specialty solutions like procurement consultancy

About Us
Tailor-made solutions to help you grow your business.

Local, regional or Europe-wide.

Do you wish to strengthen your local position? Are you planning to expand to a new Region, such as the Nordics or Central and Eastern Europe? Or are you looking for a strong partner for Europe-wide distribution? Whatever your goals are, you can be sure that with our tailor- made solutions we will support you in growing your footprint.
We provide the full spectrum of distribution services and other complementary services, combining our detailed market knowledge with a close understanding of your patients. No matter if we are talking about a local, a regional or a Europe- wide level, PHOENIX All-in-One offers services that tap directly into the broad know-how and experience of our group, making it easier for you to feel at home in all of your desired markets.

Wide reach, local presence: It’s all in our family.

The PHOENIX group's European reach is unparalleled: no other company in the industry can offer the same wide-ranging coverage. At the same time, the PHOENIX group is made up of well-known local brand names. The companies that belong to our family have a strong and established presence in their local markets around Europe - allowing you to benefit from their extensive experience and region-specific insights.

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Facts & Figures

Distribution centres
153 Distribution centres
and more pharmacies in 27 European countries - own or in cooperations
14,000 and more pharmacies in 27 European countries - own or in cooperations
Healthcare Logistics Pallet Spaces
180,000 Healthcare Logistics Pallet Spaces
36,300 Employees
Patient Contacts
136,000,000 Patient Contacts
Industry Partners
200 Industry Partners

Logistics Companies



PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership



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